Jesus Christ is God Incarnate Like Three Dog Night Would Sing It

I told a dear friend and sister-in-Christ who enjoys the tune of the Three Dog Night song Joy to the World that I would write some lyrics for that tune which we could all sing during our times of fellowship. For some reason, after a few weeks of not having a good time to think […]

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A Grief That Heals

I was driving to a business meeting the day my dad called to say that my 94 year old grandma had passed. Our 13 year old daughter had succumbed to leukemia 8 months prior and I was tired of grieving. I was tired of the way it kept interrupting my life at unexpected moments, tired […]

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Angels are Apparently Quite Scary – Luke Chapter 2

What about those angels?! Angels don’t show up a lot in the Bible, but every time they are recorded arriving they have to tell the person they are visiting to not be afraid. I made that into a game when my kids were young and I read aloud from the Bible to them a lot. […]

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Is It a Leap of Faith – Luke Chapter 1

Who washed the dishes? The phrase “a leap of faith” is an attempt to explain how some people can see the same evidence and come to different conclusions. Applied to something like “who washed the dishes when I wasn’t looking?”, it sounds like this: who is tall enough to reach the sink? who is known […]

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What Does God Think About Women

Man-made religion has given God a bad name. Whether by arrogant ignorance or by power-grabbing design, both the words and story of God have too often been perverted to suit the agenda of people. I don’t just say men, because I think many women have been complicit in various ways. And although in some ways […]

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Do You Really Want to Go to Heaven?

What does the word heaven mean to you? Heaven is a word complicated by many things. From cultural misconceptions to religious misrepresentations, heaven is typically thought of as one dimensional and boring. As such, it can be hard for many people to honestly say they want to go there. A group of my friends has […]

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