A Farewell When I Am Gone – A Lesson in How to Be Prepared to Die

My dad has given his blessing to me publishing this letter my mom wrote before she died. It was found in her Bible the morning after she died. It has no date on it, but it was certainly written before she had the seizure that declared her brain cancer. Her handwriting was barely legible after that seizure, and although she wrote us many lovely and heart wrenching notes of love during the following 2 months, she probably couldn’t have written this. She had severe short term memory loss, sometimes not recalling what she had said 30 seconds previously. She couldn’t even find her way around the house she had lived in for several years. The contents of this letter were not new to me even when I first saw it. It is a document of things we had discussed many times, especially after the death of my daughter in 2003. It is evidence of the true hope in the way Mom lived her life. It is a lesson in how to be prepared to die. I hope it brings you laughter and joy far surpassing, and through, any tears you may have. She titled it A “Farewell” When I am “Gone.” (all quotes are in the original.)

farewell cover pageDear Ones,

When it comes time for me to pass over into Glory, I pray any sorrow of my departure will rapidly be replaced with the joy of knowing I am at last Free and in the Presence of my Maker. I do not long to be gone from you, my dearest possessions on earth, but it is right for me to long to be in the presence of our Lord. As one ages, this becomes more dear. The way we are made, I’m sure. I have loved each of you dearly, and I pray the fragrance of that love abides with you until it’s time for all of us to reunite in God’s eternal heaven. What a day that will be! I hope and pray each of you have that desire, to be with Jesus, our Savior, and that your life has been turned over to Him for your Salvation. There is nothing more important in this life as putting your trust in Jesus, living for Him first & above all. When one is young, it seems life will go on and on – on this earth. But I’m looking forward to the life that WILL go on forever in Heaven.

Please keep any ceremony you may desire to do for me, after my passing, extremely simple. Just family & some close friends, if you want. You preside, just singing some songs you like – hugs all around, and thankfulness in your hearts. There is nothing more I would want you to do. It will be for your benefit of closure — not mine. 🙂 I’ll be busy “elsewhere.” Oh, and have a feast of celebration, too! Bury my earthly body wherever you want – I will arise again someday incorruptable! Hallelujah!

With more love than you know,

Kitty Lou <3, Kathy, Mom, Grandma <3 Katie

You can click on any of the images to enlarge. Images of the rest of the letter are below:

farewell page 1

farewell page 2

farewell page 3

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