Angels in Joseph’s Dream

God takes care of the details.  He didn’t leave Mary alone in her unique and unbelievable condition.  He gave her a godly man as a husband to take care of her.  After Mary receiving, and accepting, the initial message from the angel, all the communication is recorded as going through her husband.  Of all the men in the Bible, no one responds more promptly and unquestioningly to God’s directions than this Joseph.  And Mary apparently didn’t argue with Joseph or mope around about continuing to get her own messages from God.  She let God lead her through her husband, just as Christ desires to lead His Church.

Below is a link to a Bible passage I put to song this year.  I’m new to this aspect of my blog, but I’m hoping you can download it if you would like to.  Merry Christmas to you!

Matthew 1_18-25 (Angels in Joseph’s Dream)

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