Another Day At Hand

My kids said I should post some things I have written before I ever thought of a blog…

Another Day At Hand

Pulling back the curtain on another day at hand

Thinking of my lists, but, then, not knowing what You’ve planned

At peace since I’ve been saved by grace, but hoping you’ll be pleased

With words I speak and things I do and attitude beneath

For though I see the beauty and the wonder of this world

I also see the twisted, painful struggle sin has birthed

Yet amazed at every turn by complexities galore

All mysteries to guide us to our Source, our Great Reward

So help me hear Your rhythm, all the patterns of Your Way

All other life is dissonance, disorder, and decay

Shower me with blessings or lead me through the fire

All that counts at each day’s end is:  “What did You desire?”

October 2, 2003

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