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What Does God Think About Women

Man-made religion has given God a bad name. Whether by arrogant ignorance or by power-grabbing design, both the words and story of God have too often been perverted to suit the agenda of people. I don’t just say men, because I think many women have been complicit in various ways. And although in some ways […]

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Do You Really Want to Go to Heaven?

What does the word heaven mean to you? Heaven is a word complicated by many things. From cultural misconceptions to religious misrepresentations, heaven is typically thought of as one dimensional and boring. As such, it can be hard for many people to honestly say they want to go there. A group of my friends has […]

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A Hopeful History of the Church

When I use the word ‘church,’ I use it how it was used in the Bible. In its simplest, it means those people who believe Jesus Christ was the Son of God he claimed to be, and accept His death and resurrection for all the true life He offers. (see I Corinthians 15:3-4) The most […]

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Don’t Be Like the Frog

I looked down at the frog clinging to the top rung of the ladder in my swimming pool. I was used to it periodically showing up, but it usually quickly disappeared over the side bar and into the styrofoam peanuts. You see, my little 9 by 17 foot vinyl swimming pool is not only heated, […]

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Does a Christian Need to Study the Bible

There are many dire predictions for who Christians don’t study their Bibles enough. They will be weak. They will fall prey to heresy. They will backslide. These are things we are told over and over. Neglect a word study or a historical insight at your own risk. Only the most expert at Biblical dissection are […]

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