The Diet of the Future for Clean Living

reported by BNP via Leviticus Today

The announcement of an impending new diet has been greeted enthusiastically by the community. There is general relief that the manna and quail diet (M&Q diet) is not going to be the only food allowed in the Hebrew society. Although there has been widespread health with the M&Q regimen, and no one has been going hungry, many Hebrews have expressed a desire for more variation at mealtimes.

anything with fins and scales will be included in the new diet

anything with fins and scales will be included in the new diet

The new nutritional program seems to be mostly concerned with the meats that will be approved for eating. A few favorite Egyptian recipes will have to be abandoned, but no one is upset that they won’t be eating bats or geckos. Many of the predator and scavenger birds are difficult to catch anyway. Plus, they tend to taste odd, so that limitation will not have much impact on people’s lives.

The terminology of “clean” and “unclean” animals is familiar to most, even if it hasn’t been part of current usage. However, with the regulations about touching the dead bodies of unclean animals, there may be some family discussions about the pocket-sized pets which have become very popular due to our current nomadic lifestyle.

Even though the M&Q diet is on the agenda for a while yet, a number of  insects are included in the new diet as meat substitutes. Many of these can be readily found around camp. It remains to be seen how many children will agree to just grabbing a locust for an afternoon snack when it seems like a long time to wait for dinner.

(for further information see Leviticus 11)

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