No Room for Oppression in New Laws of the Land

reported by BNP via Leviticus Today

In the continuing drastic departure from the Egyptian culture, more specific laws have been enacted by the current government. While there have been some complaints in the camp that the laws are too drastic and restrictive, no one is stepping forward with details about what they disagree with. That might be because it looks bad to be upset that things like stealing or lying are now clearly considered wrong.

There is a happy buzz among the women of the country, as they are now afforded a new level of honor. With the changes, there is a legal basis for them to speak up about any degrading treatment by male family members or acquaintances. Along the same lines, the men of the household have been given a higher degree of leverage to protect the women in their families. There is also greater protection for children, who will have less likelihood of being dropped off at the nearest Molech kiosk.

There should be a new respect for business contracts and dealings. The new laws emphasize honesty in hiring practices, uniform weight and measures, and impartial communication. The disabled and aged should be treated with the same integrity as other customers and members of the community. The poor should have less excuse for stealing if they are willing to do a little leg work after harvest time.

Those who have been clinging to any sorcery or magic associated with Egyptian or Canaanian religious beliefs will have choices to make. Going back to Egypt isn’t looking appealing right now with the Egyptian economy in shambles and so much reconstruction after all those disasters. But with rumors of Canaan’s future demise, relocation there is iffy, too. Here in the Hebrew camp, it would be hard to hide participation in the cults because the exotic tatoos and beard styles of members have been outlawed.

While most of the laws have obvious actions that can be prosecuted, the one that stands out is declaring “holding a grudge” illegal. Some elders have already spoken up to caution the younger generation that is is really impossible to hide a grudge for the long term. Sooner or later the attitude manifests itself in real action. Thus, everyone is being cautioned and encouraged to have a genuine love for their neighbors. The overall consensus seems to be that the GOD, who is uniquely the real force behind this government, had the best interests of everyone in mind.

God - spending centuries trying to help people get along

God – spending centuries trying to help people get along (photo from by John Baw)

(for further information see Leviticus 17 – 20)

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