Notorious Aaron Amramson Chosen for Solo High Risk Priest Duties

reported by BNP via Leviticus Today

Aaron Amramson has been named as the priest who will carry out a new important sacrificial assignment. His past record includes contributing to the delinquency of the general populace, and failure to properly supervise sacrificial fire. His appointment to this new post indicates that the new job is not a reward for good behavior or proven reliability.

The job, as it has been openly outlined for the whole nation, seems to emphasize that the person carrying out the sacrifices needs to admit his own faults before representing the nation. Even after he has humbled himself, he needs to follow certain exact steps in order to avoid death. To make matters more tense, he has to be in the sacrificial chambers completely by himself. No one is even allowed in the whole building.

Of particular interest in the process are the two goats. One will be killed and one will be released into the wild. Since only one goat per year will be purposefully banished, it should not greatly affect open pasture or wild goat herds. Shepherds will not be able to claim losses due to feral goats unless some of them have mismanaged their own herds in ways that contribute to the problem.

Mr. Amramson’s duties on this one day a year include a couple of bathes and changes of clothing. This is understandable with the number of male animals he must kill. It is unlikely that the bull, ram, or 2 male goats will be cooperative. Just how he will contain them in the sacrificial chambers by himself remains to be seen. If he survives that, it may give his reputation a boost.

Spending time in the sacrificial chambers with bulls will be a regular part of Aaron Amramson's job. (<a href="" target="_blank">photo by artattacklindsey from flickr</a>)

Spending time in the sacrificial chambers with bulls will be a regular part of Aaron Amramson’s job. (photo by artattacklindsey from flickr)

(for further information see Leviticus 16)

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