Ultimate Government Shut Down in Hands of All Hebrews

reported by BNP via Leviticus Today

In an unexpected announcement, The God has outlined potential future government shut down policies.  While decisions regarding implementation are clearly under His control, responsibility is being left to the general citizenry. Situations leading to such a shut down are defined unambiguously and should not catch anyone by surprise. Any shut down would occur in a step wise process that could be reversed by appropriate citizen action up until the final step.

Hebrew citizens are relieved that such a scenario will not be able to be implemented by a few powerful persons. Rather, all that is needed to avoid the upheaval is that the majority of citizens treat each other well, acknowledge the unique role of The God in the universe, and admit when they are in the wrong. With all the laws of the land already in place, and not being changed or added to at the pseudo-intellectual whim of lawyers, compliance should be feasible in all aspects of life. There seems to be hope that ours will be the first nation not to have legal codes grow to the size of a camel’s belly.

A camel's belly may fuel a good transportation option, but no nation's legal codes should be as thick as that.

A camel’s belly may fuel a good transportation option, but no nation’s legal codes should be as thick as that. (photo by Michael Svec from flickr.com)

Not only can a shut down be prevented, but following the law as it stands means that tax rates won’t increase and there will be a supernatural defense of the borders. With the further promises of wild beasts being kept at bay, excellent crops, and large families, there is much to motivate people to get along and be humble. Some are saying it has the potential of being as close to heaven on earth as possible, reminding them of childhood stories of Eden. Signs are being posted throughout the camp to remind people that serpents can’t be trusted.

(for further information see Leviticus 26)

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