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The Stresses of Being a Time Traveling Bible News Press Reporter

Time traveling has its challenges. You’ve all seen the dilemmas in the movies. Do you let the people know about the mistakes or choices they are about to make? The difference was that I was writing the Bible News Press trying to take on the identity of a person who was actually unaware of the […]

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Ultimate Government Shut Down in Hands of All Hebrews

reported by BNP via Leviticus Today In an unexpected announcement, The God has outlined potential future government shut down policies.  While decisions regarding implementation are clearly under His control, responsibility is being left to the general citizenry. Situations leading to such a shut down are defined unambiguously and should not catch anyone by surprise. Any […]

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Notorious Aaron Amramson Chosen for Solo High Risk Priest Duties

reported by BNP via Leviticus Today Aaron Amramson has been named as the priest who will carry out a new important sacrificial assignment. His past record includes contributing to the delinquency of the general populace, and failure to properly supervise sacrificial fire. His appointment to this new post indicates that the new job is not […]

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