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Mr. Hatshepsutson Speaks Out Against Egyptian Emigration Restrictions

reported by BNP via the Exodus Examiner In a strange twist of Egyptian politics, Mr. Hatshepsutson is attempting to move his whole constituency out of Egypt.  Egyptian emigration regulations strictly prohibit the movement of large groups of people out of the country.  The Pharaoh has threatened to call all chariot strike forces to action to prevent […]

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Freak Storm Front Devastates Egypt Just Misses Goshen

reported by BNP via the Exodus Examiner Free Egyptian Magician Aid (FEMA) has been scrambling this month to respond to multiple nationwide disasters.  The latest, an unprecedented thunderstorm, has devastated Egypt’s barley and flax crops, as well as leading to the deaths of any persons and animals that were caught out in it.  The National Open […]

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Fines Being Levied After Unapproved Protest Pollutes Nile River with Blood

reported by BNP via the Exodus Examiner A political protest against the current Egyptian government has resulted in massive pollution of the Nile River.  Led by Moses Hatshepsutson, the attempt to put pressure on the Pharoah has not only failed, but has left many residents without drinking water.  Egyptians are puzzled by the governmental response, […]

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Hatshepsutson’s Political Comeback Off to a Dismal Start

reported by BNP via the Exodus Examiner After a flashy re-entrance into the political arena, Moses Hatshepsutson’s campaign to establish respect and a position of influence in Pharaoh’s court is already floundering.  Both his political opponents and those he would like to represent are angry with him.  He is accused of arrogance and irresponsibility. First, […]

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80 Year Old Politician Returns to the Egyptian Court After 40 Year Absence

reported by BNP via the Exodus Examiner After living in exile in Midian for 40 years, the once politically prominent Moses Amram Hatshepsutson has reappeared on the scene. His stories of talking to burning bushes and turning walking sticks into serpents have captured the imaginations of many. Prominent leaders in the Hebrew sector say they […]

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Hebrew Midwives Defy Egyptian Positive Gender Selection Regulations

reported by BNP via the Exodus Examiner The Egyptian government has intensified its population control measures for the Hebrew sectors.  Citing lack of voluntary cooperation from Hebrew parents in following policies necessary for the prosperity of the Egyptian nation, firmer laws are now being enforced.  As one Egyptian official puts it, “The desires of the […]

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Introducing the Exodus Examiner for the Bible News Press

A Bible News Press Special Bulletin This week marks the transition from the Genesis Review to the Exodus Examiner as the Bible News Press’s main source of up-to-date information. We will continue to report on Biblical happenings as they may have seemed to the everyday man, concerned with meeting his family’s daily needs while keeping an […]

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