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Egyptian Grain Commodities Market Taken Over by Magnanimous Central Government

reported by BNP via the Genesis Review Some experts are advising investors to buy into the Egyptian grain commodities market. The current global famine is leading to inflation and loss of value in all currencies.  Even gold and other precious metals have been reduced to common coinage.  This news comes too late for many, who […]

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Cultural Differences Excuse for Ethnic Wars in Canaan

reported by BNP via the Genesis Review The unsupervised adventure of a teenage girl seems to have been the catalyst for violence between ethnic communities in Shechem.  The young lady, Dinah Jacobson, had been allowed to go by herself to visit friends in the city.  Unaware of the courting practices among Hamorians, Ms. Jacobson’s family […]

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Odd Groups of Animals Seen Crossing Wilderness into Seir

reported by BNP via the Genesis Review Unusual herding activity has been reported in the foothills of Seir.  Large numbers of animals have been seen heading straight for Edom.  Each herd or flock seems to be extremely healthy, with many young animals present.  So far, there have been camels, goats, sheep, cattle, and donkeys.  Those […]

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New Techniques in Goat and Sheep Ranching Create Glut of Speckled and Spotted Animals

reported by BNP via the Genesis Review A relatively new company in the sheep and goat business is being accused of genetically engineering its animals.  The company, Jacob’s Sheep & Goats, was a subsidiary of Laban’s Livestock, but was purchased by Jacob Isaacson.  The owner of Laban’s Livestock, Laban Bethuelson, alleges that Mr. Isaacson was […]

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