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Egyptian Leader Rethinks Policy of Apprehending Attractive Immigrant Women

reported by BNP via the Genesis Review The Egyptian leader’s ongoing policy of detaining lovely women may have backfired on him when a foreign dignitary recently visited.  Cabinet members followed protocol for flagging the presence of the dignitary’s stunning sister, Sarai, who was part of the entourage.  Approval was immediately obtained from the     […]

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The Alliance of Nephilim Suspected of Corruption

reported by BNP via the Genesis Review A group first thought to simply be an ethnically based association is now under investigation for a broad range of illegal activities.  Evidently a men’s only company, they are widely recognized for their athletic capabilities and persuasive speaking.  A number of young women have been convinced to marry […]

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Legitimacy of Marriage of Elderly Couple Under Scrutiny Due to Lack of Legal Documentation

reported by BNP via the Genesis Review The marital status of the oldest couple known to be alive has been called into question by governmental authorities.  The couple has been unable to produce the proper official certificates that are required by law.  The man asserts that his alleged wife simply appeared one day while he […]

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