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What if Jesus is Not the Reason for Everyone’s Christmas Season

Telling a non-Christian that they must recognize Christ as the reason for their Christmas season celebration is like telling a Christian to revere Ishtar because that name is embedded in the common holiday name of Easter. In the battle for being left alone to enjoy holidays according to conviction, both sides have tried to rename […]

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Why I Don’t Care What You Wear or Why the Modesty Movement Might Be Immodest

Possibly I have an advantage. I grew up without being taught that I constantly had to be concerned about hemlines and shirt sleeves. My parents grew up on the southern California beach and walking around on the city streets in a swim suit was considered completely normal. It wasn’t about rebellion or a desire to […]

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The World Will End One Day and It Won’t Be Your Fault

There are two ironic aspects of end of the world predictions.  One:  it doesn’t really matter, because everyone in the world eventually dies; and Two:  all of the false predictions don’t mean it isn’t really going to happen.  In the midst of the ever present prophecies of the final metamorphosis, we are bombarded with voices […]

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No Battle Over Values Here

Some people swear and curse.  That’s okay with me.  What I mean is, I’ve heard some pretty horrible things said to people with normal words.  Curse words may have questionable or embarrassing meanings, but the use of them actually robs the speaker of the impact of communication.  Hence, normal words spoken in hate and selfishness are more […]

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