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How to Greet a Heretic

Being labeled a heretic is grim business.  Since it is almost exclusively used and abused in a religious context, a study of the definitions of “heresy” may help.  Vine’s Complete Expository Dictionary of Old and New Testament Words declares the original Greek (hairesis) to mean “that which is chosen…especially a self-willed opinion, which is substituted […]

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Who Is Jesus Christ?

Have you ever been with a group of friends and tried to tell them about someone they haven’t met yet? You can describe all of the person’s great qualities and achievements. You can elaborate on how you would trust him with your life or leave your children to him when you die. The friends may […]

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Reformation Misinformation

I have never been comfortable with the “Dark Ages.”  That is, how it is historically  presented has always bothered me.  Why would God basically abandon his church for abut 1500 years?  It doesn’t fit with his “modus operandi.”  It is contrary to the idea that the “gates of hell shall not prevail.”  So what really […]

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Joy Based On Truth

Someone made a comment to me recently that “whatever (religion) makes people feel better is okay.”  I was struck by the insecurity and disappointment of such false hopes.  To try to hope because one must believe something  is like walking out over a gorge on an illusion of a bridge.  Hope must have a basis […]

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