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What if Jesus is Not the Reason for Everyone’s Christmas Season

Telling a non-Christian that they must recognize Christ as the reason for their Christmas season celebration is like telling a Christian to revere Ishtar because that name is embedded in the common holiday name of Easter. In the battle for being left alone to enjoy holidays according to conviction, both sides have tried to rename […]

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What is a Church Family

The particular phrase “church family” is not found in any of the Bible versions I searched (online using Neither did I find “family of God,” another similar oft repeated designation. The term “family of believers” is used in Galations 6:10, I Peter 2:17 and 5:9, but only in the New International Version. Other translations […]

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What is a Denomination

To “denominate” something means to classify according to how it is being measured. Hence, money has denominations, or specific names, based on its value. “What denominations would you like?” when you go to the bank to get cash, means “what value of bills would you like to receive?” A denominator, when speaking of fractions, gives […]

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What Does Sin Mean

Why not start with a hard hitter? The word that everyone loves to hate. Sin. It falls into the category of religious words that are pretty much only used in a religious context. As such, its meaning tends to be 1) obscured by careless, rote use; 2) manipulated by legalistic manifestos; 3) swung around like […]

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Introduction to Religious Vocabulary Word of the Day Series (RVWD)

Do you know how much you are influenced by the words people speak to communicate with you?  Beyond tone of voice and body language, the connotations of the words themselves guide our thinking and responses. Sometimes it helps us manage how to answer. Sometimes it manages us without our realizing it. Oft times, the cultural […]

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How to Greet a Heretic

Being labeled a heretic is grim business.  Since it is almost exclusively used and abused in a religious context, a study of the definitions of “heresy” may help.  Vine’s Complete Expository Dictionary of Old and New Testament Words declares the original Greek (hairesis) to mean “that which is chosen…especially a self-willed opinion, which is substituted […]

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