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Why I Don’t Care What You Wear or Why the Modesty Movement Might Be Immodest

Possibly I have an advantage. I grew up without being taught that I constantly had to be concerned about hemlines and shirt sleeves. My parents grew up on the southern California beach and walking around on the city streets in a swim suit was considered completely normal. It wasn’t about rebellion or a desire to […]

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Bible News Press Special Report – The Dangers of Dumbed Down Bible Stories for Children

When my first children were young, I did what most Christians do. I looked for a Bible “they could understand.” But I found myself having to keep filling in details and explaining away the ridiculous pictures. I soon decided to just read them sections from the actual text on a regular basis. We read enough in […]

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The World Will End One Day and It Won’t Be Your Fault

There are two ironic aspects of end of the world predictions.  One:  it doesn’t really matter, because everyone in the world eventually dies; and Two:  all of the false predictions don’t mean it isn’t really going to happen.  In the midst of the ever present prophecies of the final metamorphosis, we are bombarded with voices […]

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