Decree Leads to Housing Crunch

World News –

A decree issued by Casaer Augustus is causing upheaval throughout the world.  The decree requires all persons to return to their place of family origin to register.  Relocation for undetermined lengths of time are expected, disrupting many businesses.  Some are known to have to travel as far as 80 or 90 miles.  Those with elderly parents, small children, or pregnant wives will be at a disadvantage when they arrive last in towns where lodgings are filled to capacity.  Rents are likely to spike.  Even if it is possible to find lodging with relatives, there may only be beds available in the lower floors of houses, with the animals.  Travelers are advised to take as many of their own supplies as they can.

  • Ben

    Sounds like the Y2K scare .. only worse. 700k + days ago though . . sounds longer than it usually does.

  • A tent would be helpful.

  • Mom

    And aren’t we thankful we don’t have to travel to the town of our birth to pay taxes! Especially during pregnancy and having to ride a donkey; then not having any place to stay. Well, I could camp on the beach, I suppose! But I imagine the crowds there would be terrific, too!! Not a pleasant thought any way I look at it. I’m thankful for the era I was born in, but I’m truly thankful for Mary and Joseph and their courage; and how God provides, even if we aren’t aware of it.

    • The records available make no mention of a donkey.

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