Free Food for Priests Comes at Cost of New Syndrome

reported by BNP via Leviticus Today

Post Sacrificial Duty Stress Disorder (PSDSD) is the newest syndrome being described by the Society for Misunderstood Levites (SML). PSDSD has not been observed yet, but SML wants to be ready. They are asking for donations to help study it. Any priests who would like to volunteer as subjects for study can rely on anonymity from other Hebrews, at least as far as SML not releasing information. God seems to know everything, so that level of secrecy cannot be provided.

SML claims that all of the regulations associated with sacrifices and offerings are likely to cause a unique kind of job stress for priests. They will have to keep very close track of what and whom they touch. This, combined with their duties of evaluating sick persons and contaminated materials could lead to extreme tension about making mistakes. There are easy processes outlined for dealing with any unclean situations, but keeping track of whether or not they are clean will require significant concentration.

Not only do the priests have to monitor their own readiness to be near and handle sacrifices, but they must keep an eye on others who may not be allowed. Being fully reminded of their own need for humility and atonement, they must perform the hard task of sidelining their fellow Levites who are suffering from deformity and illness.

Their job promises to be confrontational in another way, too. In their role of approving and moderating how each Hebrew approaches GOD, they will certainly have to sometimes give negative feedback. People will not be happy if they have traveled a ways for a sacrifice, only to be told that their animal is too sick or injured or the wrong gender. There are likely to be stories like, “It was fine when we left home and I need to get back to work” to “I’m sure I can tell the difference between a male and a female lamb as well as the next guy!”

It is unclear what recommendations SML will have for any priests showing signs of PSDSD. Since the job duties and contract were all given by GOD directly via Mr. Hatshepsutson, negotiation seems improbable. All they can say for sure is that while there are some stringent codes for entering the GOD zone, GOD seems to want people to enter.

Sacrifices need to be healthy and male <a href="" target="_blank">photo by GrahamPics1</a>

Sacrifices need to be healthy and male photo by GrahamPics1

(for further information see Leviticus 21-22)

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