Government Says Deaths Necessary

In the wake of carrying out death sentences on all boys under the age of 2 in Bethlehem and surrounding districts, the government stands by its claim that the actions were necessary for the stability and welfare of the country at large.   The official report is that there was a insurgence brewing.  In order to avoid embroiling the region in war, they sought to round-up the ring leader, no matter what his age.  It is thought that he was killed in the attack.  A government spokesperson remarked that further action is not anticipated.  Many observers, stunned at the brutality and carnage, are quick to question the king’s intentions.  The proportion of parents in mourning is overwhelming the communities.  Reference is being made to a prophecy of Jeremiah’s which predicts just such a massacre in this locale.

  • Nation-wide News:

    Those who publicly support the strict repercussions levied on Bethlehem and the surrounding area point to strange reports from that area, which they say emphasize the unreliability of the townspeople to properly judge the government’s actions. Sightings of angels, reports of the young girl who claimed a virgin pregnancy actually giving birth, and rumors of foreign royalty visiting for no apparent reason, coupled with some interesting astrological activity (a star pointing to a house?) are quoted as pointing to serious issues in the sanity of anyone who resides in the area.

    We go now to our correspondent at the Temple, who is speaking with one of the temple guard. Go ahead.

    “I’m here with Elias, a temple guard here on the mount. Elias, what is your opinion of the strange events reported in Bethlehem?”

    “It’s the water. They are being poisoned by their water! Of course the government had to step in and deal with all those children – they were probably damaged from exposure, there’s no telling what disasters may have been caused by their maturation. I learned a little about the water, it’s a hobby of mine, just a little research, really. There must be some sort of seepage underground from the Dead Sea, or possibly their sewers are improperly designed. See here, if you look at these water tables I’ve drawn up and follow the watershed flow lines, there is definitely signs of leaching …”

    We return you to your normally scheduled programming now.

    • It would be so interesting to know what the real propaganda and rumors were. Even when people have the facts quite available, they often like the “other versions” of the happenings better; that which which tickles the ear or advances the agenda…

  • Mom

    Not a whole lot different from today’s gov’t mandates….. trying to make things “better for the people.”

  • Rich Breton

    It’s been almost a year, when you going to make more of these?!?

    • I will think about it more seriously now that you have mentioned it. 🙂

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