Hatshepsutson’s Emerging Hebrew Nation Short on Government Enforcement Policies

reported by BNP via the Exodus Examiner

Mr. Hatshepsutson has returned from one of his trips up Mt. Sinai with a 10 point constitution for the emerging Hebrew nation. Experts in neighboring countries are analyzing the document to see how it might impact them. The foundational principles are said to be succinct, but broad and thorough for application. Three items seem to deal with disallowing the spending time or money in the business of making idols. A fourth has to do with letting everyone rest once a week. The remaining 6 basic laws briefly, but strongly, stipulate honorable treatment of all people.

The new laws from Hatshepsutson seem to be about treating others well.

The new laws from Hatshepsutson seem to be about treating others well.

A possible major flaw in the plan is the lack of governmental authority to enforce the code. The way the constitution is written, it seems to be leaving it up to each individual to comply; and the community in a given area is left as the only body to put pressure on violators. There is some talk of a network of uniformed men being available for counsel, but not functioning to compel obedience.

There are a few explanatory documents on hand to help the citizens understand what is meant by things like “You shall not steal.” and “You shall not covet.”Unlike other legal systems, these additional pages do no obfuscate or complicate the constitutional ideas. Rather, after reading a few examples, the concept comes across that it is just how most people would like to be treated by others.

Each adult person is responsible for their own behavior.

Each adult person is responsible for their own behavior.

The Hebrew God, whom Mr. Hatshepsutson claims is the actual author of the constitution, currently has the full cooperation of the Hebrew nation. The documents, not to mention the fire and smoke, have convinced the Hebrews that all other so-called gods are imaginary or imposters. They give their God credit for the unique and unprecedented cloud-pillar that can be seen near the camp. There are rumors that this pillar was involved in the recent disappearance of the Egyptian army.

(for further information see Exodus 20 – 23:13)

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