Hatshepsutson’s Unusual Decentralization of Political Power

reported by BNP via the Exodus Examiner

decentralization means trusting the average person (or bee) to make decisions

decentralization means trusting the average person (or bee) to make decisions

In an unprecedented move, Moses Hatshepsutson has announced a unique governmental structure change for the recently formed Hebrew nation.  Never before has a political leader, who has consolidated so much power, willingly relinquished it on such a grass roots level.  Mr. Hatshepsutson clearly has the resources to continue as absolute ruler, yet does not seem to have any regrets about giving neighborhoods more local decision making power.

Of peculiar interest is that the whole decentralizing reorganization was the brain child of Mr. Hatshepsutson’s father-in-law, Jethro Priestmidian.  Most world leader’s with that level of influence would at least have their older relatives marginalized, if not outright assassinated for suggesting such a scheme.  Mr. Priestmidian came to Mr. Hatshepsutson’s headquarters with Mrs. Hatshepsutson and the Hatshepsutson’s two sons, who had apparently been staying with family while Mr. Hatshepsutson was on assignment in Egypt.

Mr. Priestmidian’s assessment of Mr. Hatshepsutson’s initial governmental plan was allegedly a kindly criticism.  Mr. Priestmidian maintained that it was better for everyone if men already recognized as leaders in the smaller communities helped with disputes and disagreements.  He was sure there could be general agreement about who was honest and wise.  He also contended that basic laws necessary for the community to function are simple to understand and learn, and that settling matters did not require complicated proceedings.

Jethro offers counsel to Moses

Jethro offers counsel to Moses

So far, the set-up has indeed resulted in issues being more quickly resolved and subsequently the neighborhoods are more peaceful.  Mr. Priestmidian has since returned home without requesting or receiving any position or payment.  Mr. Hatshepsutson is only getting involved in the harder community decisions and is said to be enjoying having more time with his family.

(for further information see Exodus 18)

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