Hebrew Slaves Paint Houses at Dusk

reported by BNP via the Exodus Examiner

Hebrew door posts painted at twilight

Hebrew door posts painted at twilight

All of Egypt watched with horrified fascination this evening as the Hebrew slaves came from their homes at twilight to paint their doorposts red. Up until a few weeks ago, most Egyptians hardly paid attention to the Hebrew sector, except when buying bricks.  Lately, the Hebrews make Egyptians nervous.  The Hebrew slaves seem to have had a knack for avoiding the major disease and pestilence problems, while the rest of Egypt is devastated. Egyptians are not sure whether to fear the Hebrews or try to get on their good side.

When Egyptians ventured to point out housing codes that prohibit anything but earth tones on buildings, the Hebrews seemed unconcerned.  They did not stop painting, but did ask Egyptians for donations in the form of gold and silver.  Hoping to buy some protection from further trouble, Egyptians have been bringing large loads of items made from these precious metals.  They return home torn between agitation and comfort at Hebrew claims that “by morning, you won’t even know we were here.”

Egyptians give Hebrews valuables

Egyptians give Hebrews valuables

It is being reported that the flurry of activity has also been going on inside the Hebrew households for 3 days now.  It began with each family taking a lamb into the house to live with them.  Even though they are renowned shepherds, even the Hebrews don’t usually take the animals in the house to live.  Then, there seemed to be a rush to collect hyssop, some of which is apparently being used as paint brushes.  Most odd is that all the children seem to be up and dressed for travel well after dark.

The excitement has prompted some research into the history of the Hebrews in Egypt.  Expert sources say that is has been exactly 430 years since they showed up to live here.  They claim proof that a Hebrew worked directly for the Pharaoh of the time.  Most people have scoffed at this as a ridiculous rumor promulgated by ambitious slaves.  Ambitious or not, the Hebrew slaves could probably do anything they want to tonight.

(for further information see Exodus 12 – 13)

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