Hebrews Insist on Carrying Bones Around

reported by BNP via the Genesis Review

Those in the Hebrew community have long scoffed at the Egyptian practice of packing belongings for death, but now the Hebrews seem to want to take dead bones with them on family excursions.  At least that is how some Egyptians are seeing it since the death of Grand Secretary Joseph Isaacson.  His brothers quickly took possession of the Grand Secretary’s body after it was embalmed, but they have refused to let it be sealed in a tomb, saying that it must be kept ready to travel.

Sources report that in his last hours, the Grand Secretary reminded leading Hebrews that they should expect to be going to Canaan sometime in the future.  He quoted promises made to his father, grandfather, and great-grandfather by his god.  The priests of On, who are also the Grand Secretary’s wife’s family, are challenging the Hebrews in court.

There appears to be a general concern among the Hebrews that resentment against the Hebrew community will flare up due to the lack of the deceased Grand Secretary’s protection and provision.  The special privileges that the Hebrews have enjoyed these last 60 years under his rule are being used to stir up certain crowds.  The Hebrews have always lived in separate locations from the average Egyptian, so there are many rumors of strange practices.  These rumors are kindling for any politician who wants to set a mob in action.

The Hebrews trace their ancestry back to the deceased Grand Secretary’s great-grandfather, Abraham Hebrew.  They do not seem to have lived in any one land consistently, the current tenure in Goshen being the longest time recorded in one place.  Most Hebrews stay heavily involved in the family ranching business.  Egyptians may appreciate the products derived from them, but consider such a business barely tolerable to have around.

Some people are wondering out loud why the Hebrews don’t just take the body and leave now.  An occasional Egyptian youth can be found sporting a shirt that taunts, “Hebrews – Claim Your Promise Now!  Maybe you can wait, but I can’t!”  The specifics of the promise are not shared with Egyptians, though some think the Hebrews are planning to form their own nation.  Most Egyptians laugh at this idea.

(for further information see Genesis 50)
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