Immigrants to Goshen Given Special Privileges

reported by BNP via the Genesis Review

Hebrew immigrants well taken care of by Pharaoh's government

Hebrew immigrants well taken care of by Pharaoh’s government

Eyebrows are being raised over favoritism being shown to a group of Hebrew immigrants. While Egyptian citizens struggle financially to survive the lengthy famine, these Hebrews are being taken care of by those in the highest levels of government. Not only were they provided with residences in the best neighborhoods of Goshen, but food for them and their animals is being given to them at no cost.

Joseph gives resources to extended family

Joseph gives resources to extended family

Their sponsor is none other than Secretary Joseph Isaacson, Pharaoh’s chief advisor. Secretary Isaacson has been Egypt’s exalted Secretary of Internal Affairs for nine years, ever since showing an unusual aptitude for interpreting dreams and administrative skills. Even though the Hebrew immigrants are purported to be the Secretary’s long lost family, the popularity of the charismatic leader is being tested.

While the majority of Egypt sinks further into poverty, the new comers, who never had to pay any taxes, are living like royalty. Some of them are working, but in coveted government positions. Pharaoh’s press secretary is reminding the Egyptian people that they might have starved to death without Secretary Isaacson’s managerial expertise in the face of the famine.

new immigrants awarded government jobs

new immigrants awarded government jobs

A few discreetly anonymous protestors have risked suggesting that the main benefactors of Secretary’s Isaacson’s policies are the Hebrew immigrants, although they begrudgingly admit that there is no way the Secretary could have planned that.  Still, they contend that the high tax rate in recent years has contributed to the increasingly destitute state of the population as much as the famine has. That, combined with the idea that the government would be a resource during the impending hard times, lead to a disastrous combination of frivolity and lack of funds. Many are predicting a backlash for the Hebrew contingent sooner or later.

Hebrew immigrants go to Egypt

Hebrew immigrants go to Egypt

(for further information see Genesis 46-47)

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  • In an out-of-story note, I had never really considered these economic points you’re bringing up here. You make a compelling case for the raised taxes during the years of plenty, the subsequent poverty of the everyday Egyptians, and the way Joseph showed favor to his family when they returned contributing to their later slavery and hardship. Nicely put!

    • lauraimprovises

      It has been so interesting to step back from traditional emphasis put on the stories and view them based on other factors!

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