Is It a Leap of Faith – Luke Chapter 1

Who washed the dishes?

The phrase “a leap of faith” is an attempt to explain how some people can see the same evidence and come to different conclusions. Applied to something like “who washed the dishes when I wasn’t looking?”, it sounds like this:

  • who is tall enough to reach the sink?
  • who is known to be reliable about helping out?
  • who does things a certain way, leaving tell tale signs such as how the dishes are stacked?
  • who was known to be home during that time?
  • who said he was going to wash the dishes?
  • who says he washed the dishes?
  • did anyone see who washed the dishes?

Somewhere along the line, a person decides there is enough information and whether or not he trusts the sources. Then, he makes an informed decision about who washed the dishes.

Those dishes aren’t going to wash themselves!

But what if another person sees much of the same evidence, and doesn’t really care to think much about who washed the dishes, so he just guesses something that sounds interesting. Or maybe another person says that the dishes must have washed themselves, thereby discounting any evidence to the contrary? Have they all taken an equal “leap of faith” to their own conclusions? Are all the conclusions equally well based.

What is faith, anyway?

A lot of people equate faith with superstition or blind belief, but the word faith implies having a reason to believe. People can certainly be mistaken. They can say they have faith in something without checking it out. But the word faith itself does not imply an empty headedness or superstition.

Trying to discount the evidence

To say that a leap of faith is needed to believe in the God-Creator-Savior is an attempt to discount the wide variety of sound evidence in creation, within ourselves, and in historical records. Some people come to mistaken conclusions because other people DO make up a bunch of religious nonsense and then try to act like all beliefs are equally valid. Other times it is an honest mistake because people have been mislead by twisted philosophies of life. Sometimes people just resist God like a 2 year old resists bedtime.

When will it be enough evidence?

In human relationships, there is often a desire for regular affirmation, even though there is a long history of active caring. In the moment of loneliness or stress, sometimes people forget all the previous evidence, all that the other person has done out of love. The person who has worked so hard to show all the love could rightly ask, “when will there be enough evidence that I love you?”

Fortunately, God is very patient. In spite of the general arrogance of mankind, he keeps giving us evidence as daily as the sun rises, as deep as the mystery of music. This is the opening message of Luke’s Gospel. Things have been accomplished and seen by many. They are being shared so that you can know the exact truth.

If you want to listen to me read Luke chapter 1, it in the audio.




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