Joy Based On Truth


Someone made a comment to me recently that “whatever (religion) makes people feel better is okay.”  I was struck by the insecurity and disappointment of such false hopes.  To try to hope because one must believe something  is like walking out over a gorge on an illusion of a bridge.  Hope must have a basis in truth and give real peace, joy, and security.

I have such a hope.  As a result, I have all of the above mentioned.  I may cry when life is difficult or laugh when it is fun, but there is no despair at hardship or grasping at what is fleeting.  My hope is in the one and only God, which is inherently the definition of ‘God.’  There can be only one.  My joy is that he loves me and provides all manner of encouragement.  The heavens and earth do declare his greatness and show his nature.  The daily blessings are delightful.  The trouble is instructive and strengthening because it is all filtered through this all powerful father who holds the plans for the world.  Everything ‘makes sense’ when viewed from the perspective of his love and truth.
My security and peace are real because he, the source of all love and all that is good, has offered a perfect eternity, beginning now, to me and I have accepted.  I saw that he created me in order to know him and that life is meaningless without fulfilling that.  I saw that I was guilty of the blackness of selfishness, pride, and imperfection, but he wanted to wash that all away and teach me how to live.  This gives depth and facet to my relationships with all family and friends such that life is like a  joyful dance.

No one can completely understand this God.  He is Father, Son, and Spirit.  He came as a man, Jesus, to die and make payment for my guilt.  He, unlike anyone else, was able to come back to life by his own power.  All of history pivots on his existence.   He has told us many things to lead us to truth and hope; he has not tried to keep it a secret.  People come up with ideas that make them feel better about themselves or aide them in manipulating others.  This doesn’t change the truth.

At the right time, he will come to earth again and reveal himself in an astounding way.  He will conquer all who rebel against him and his truth.  Those who hoped in him will see the completion of their hope.  If you know and believe in God, be encouraged.  Live in security for today and the future, infused with joyful anticipation.

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