Long Awaited King to Finally Occupy Throne

Galilee –

The young woman who says the angel Gabriel appeared to her has finally given details of the incident.  Mary of Nazareth assures everyone that she was not intimidated or injured.  The angel said she did not need to be afraid and he clearly conveyed the message from God.  Besides the unusual difficulties associated with a virgin birth, the most noteworthy part of the announcement was that her son will sit on the throne of David and rule the house of Jacob forever.  Mary maintains that nothing else of importance transpired.  It is expected that all further communication will be through her husband, Joseph.

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  • Mom

    I love Mary’s faith in what the angel said, and how mature she was to handle what was happening to her, Joseph and their future journey to Bethlehem!

    • I feel some compassion for her likely assumption that the kingship would happen in a normal lifetime.

  • As is only appropriate! She has flouted enough tradition and community value by showing such temerity as to become pregnant while still a virgin – the least she can do is show proper submission to her future husband!

    • I always enjoy reading how Joseph took care of her.

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  • rich breton

    Love these, fantastic concept. I’d love to see you keep building on this.

    • Thanks for the encouragement! It is fun.

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