Lost 12 Year Old Boy Returned to Parents After 3 Day Absence

The 12 year old boy who went missing 3 days ago in Jerusalem has been reunited with his parents. The parents, who say they attend the Feast of the Passover every year, say this has never happened before. The boy has always been very reliable and respectful.

He was found in the temple by his parents apparently discussing theology and Mosaic law with many of the temple teachers. The temple teachers who were questioned said the boy was not only asking questions, but often giving answers that amazed them and showed an incredible depth of understanding. He referred to the temple as “his father’s house,” which they had no explanation for.

Those who witnessed the search and reunion said one reason it was so hard to find the boy was that he did not have an particularly striking features. He also did not do anything to draw attention to himself, but was simply engaged in asking questions. However, his answers led to the temple teachers all gathering around.

When his parents urged the boy to return to Nazareth with them, he went without any struggle. The mother was overheard mutteringĀ “it is nerve-wracking keeping track of God’s son” and “this was so unexpected, we rarely have to correct him about anything.”

There is some conjecture that she is the same Mary who claimed an angel appeared to her about 13 years ago. It is also not known whether there is a connection with several others in the area during that time, including shepherds roaming the streets at strange hours and rumors of an heir to the Jewish throne.

(for more information read Luke chapter 2)


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