Mute Priest Startles Crowd by Talking During Ceremony

The Luke Observer, Jerusalem, in the days of Herod the King of Judea

Nearly a year after completely losing his voice, an elderly priest startled attendees when he began to speak during his son’s circumcision ceremony. When eyewitnesses were asked about it, they said there could be no mistake that the previously mute man had spoken, since he had clearly and loudly made claims about his newborn son. The speech is estimated to have gone on for two full minutes.

The priest, Zacharias, is of the Abijah priestly division. He states that he was able to speak until the angel Gabriel appeared to him while he was performing his priest’s duties about a year ago. He was quick to say that the angel did not harm him nor threaten him.

The angel Gabriel is said to be the same angel who appeared to Daniel about 600 years ago. Zacharias says he was not expecting the visit and was surprised to be told that he and his elderly, and up until then childless, wife would have a son. Apparently it was his response, “How will I know this for certain?” that resulted in his loss of speech.

Many people in the hill country of Judea are expressing concern over the event. There has been a grass roots effort to make sure everyone in the area is informed. While some offer predictions about what the child will turn out to be, the parents have gone back to their routine and have not made any further claims since Zacharias’s original statement that the child would be called the prophet of the Most High.

(for more information read Luke chapter 1)


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