Mysterious Magi Follow Star

Bethlehem correspondent –

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BNP has been granted an interview with the retinue from the east under the condition that it not be released until they are safely beyond the borders of the Roman Empire. The group’s exact origin has not been disclosed, but indications are that they may be from Parthia. Experts have suggested that they have some historical ties with the Jewish noble, Daniel, who was captured by the Babylonians and was a magi in that culture. The current group of magi agreed to answer questions after they left Herod’s palace, but insisted that they continue their quest during the inquiry. It is unclear why they needed direction from Herod, since they pointed out a certain mobile star that they were following. There is some speculation that they were taunting him, since his is only a Roman appointed office. However, Herod’s council did know how to locate the ancient prophecy of a king being born in Bethlehem, providing more corroboration for the baby king’s importance.

When the star finally held still over a house, the visitors brought out expensive gifts for a young child there. These gifts were ascertained to be quantities of frankincense, gold, and myrrh, that last being particularly atypical since it is an embalming perfume. Presentation of the gifts was unmistakably accompanied with worship. The parents of the child have been identified as Mary and Joseph of Galilee, the same couple who have been having conversations with angels this year.  Shepherds also singled out this baby based on an encounter with numerous angels.  The impressive entourage from the east did not return to Herod as it was thought they would, this due to a divine dream warning them to take an alternate route.

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