New Hebrew Nation Falls Apart After Top Leader Goes Missing for Nearly 40 Days

reported by BNP via the Exodus Examiner

The man who helped the Hebrews escape from Egyptian slavery has been missing for nearly 40 days now. After a high level meeting with 70 cabinet members at the remote Camp Sinai mountain retreat, Moses Hatshepsutson went back up the mountain and has not been seen since. In his absence, the previously loyal followers have readily abandoned all prior agreements. Large mobs have been seen rallying around Mr. Hatshepsutson’s second in command demanding a new mascot.

The 70 Hebrew elders saw extremely blue pavement.

The 70 Hebrew elders saw extremely blue pavement.

When the 70 officials came down from the meeting on the mountain, they reported having actually had dinner with the God that Mr. Hatshepsutson has routinely claimed to have spoken with. Their descriptions of spectacular clear blue streets at the feet of this God are unbelievable, but it is hard to argue with so many concurring on the details of such an unlikely story. They all say they had a fabulous time, but were a bit afraid of being struck dead at any moment. They say they were not threatened, but were well aware of the power of this unique individual.

This information, combined with all the extraordinary occurances that protected the Hebrews from the Egyptian army, does not seem to be enough for the general population. After Mr. Hatshepsutson had been gone longer than any of his prior trips, riots started at the base of the mountain. For reasons not clear to observers, there was a cry taken up to build a golden statue for them to dance around.

How blue is the pavement around God's feet?

How blue is the pavement around God’s feet?

One thing is very clear. The nation that seemed to be staying well organized and prosperous under Mr. Hatshepsutson’s direction is on the verge of chaos. Neighboring countries that had been concerned about Hebrew dominance are breathing a sigh of relief. It appears the Hebrew people have no outstanding character qualities or cohesive national goals. No one will be surprised if they just disappear into the desert forever.



(for further information see Exodus 24 and 32)

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