Nutritional Soundness of New Manna and Quail Diet Debated

reported by BNP via the Exodus Examiner

quail are a moist dark meat

quail are a moist dark meat

A new diet is being strictly followed by a Hebrew cult recently found camping in the Sin Wilderness.  Those who sign up are limited to eating bread for breakfast, quail for dinner, and drinking water purified with branches of a secret type of tree.  The health benefits of the diet are fortified by a regular walking routine.

Issues of cleanliness were a concern until it was verified that the main bread making ingredient was not actually eaten right off of the ground.  Somehow, the Hebrews know where to gather from fresh sources every morning, but then they go home and bake or boil it.  There does not seem to be any threshing involved, which offsets the work of collecting it every day before breakfast.  The substance apparently has a limited shelf life, except on Fridays and for an amount kept in a container by the cult leader.

Although the bread has not been tested by the Magnanimous Central Government nutritional experts, the Hebrews seem to think their god has provided it for them.  They are unmoved by warnings that it is not gluten free (they do leaven their breads regularly).  The quail, on the other hand, is a well known meat.  Of course, animal conservationists are being very vocal about the long term detrimental effects on quail populations.  The conservationists have tried methods of detouring the quail away from the Hebrew camps, but flocks of quail continue to land there most nights, being inexplicably easy to capture.  No one has a verifiable explanation of where the birds are coming from.

the manna shows up every morning, except the last day of the week

the manna shows up every morning, except the last day of the week

Some of the dieters have complained about the monotony of the fare.  However, since it is free and readily available, it is hard to be sympathetic with their whining.  The flavor of the bread is said to be like delicate honey that melts pleasantly in the mouth.  The quail is a moist, dark meat that works well prepared in a variety of ways.

There are no other sources for this combination of foods.  You have to be a member of the cult to have access to them, so no testing has been done on the long term effects of eating this way.  The Hebrews seem to be extraordinarily healthy, though, having no signs of the common diseases of the Egyptian country that they just left.

(for further information see Exodus 16)

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