Reformation Misinformation

I have never been comfortable with the “Dark Ages.”  That is, how it is historically  presented has always bothered me.  Why would God basically abandon his church for abut 1500 years?  It doesn’t fit with his “modus operandi.”  It is contrary to the idea that the “gates of hell shall not prevail.”  So what really […]

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Melody’s Life Savings – part 4

to read part 3 click here One thing that Melody wanted to do before she died was go fishing. The only edible fish potentially biting in February were steelhead.  We knew that she probably only had two days left when she would have enough strength to even step into the boat.  Her dad spent the […]

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Melody’s Life Savings – part 3

to read part 2 click here (Melody shaves Grandpa) (Melody and Beth, her next youngest sister) After 15 months of treatments and the associated complications, the cancer was under control.  We just had to wait and find out if it stayed under control.  We didn’t have  to wait long.  Within two weeks there was evidence […]

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Melody’s Life Savings – part 2

For part 1 click here (Melody in isolation) I was determined to put my college education to the ultimate use and keep Melody out of the hospital as much as possible.  There were still several periods of hospitalization.  The first was the two weeks when she was first diagnosed.  She needed multiple blood transfusions and […]

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Melody’s Life Savings – part 1

In late May of 2001, our newly 12 year old daughter, Melody, showed disturbing signs of illness.  She had had a low grade fever the day before and seemed a bit weak.  This day her temperature spiked to 104 degrees Fahrenheit and a thin walled blister, the size of a large pea, appeared on her […]

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Joy Based On Truth

Someone made a comment to me recently that “whatever (religion) makes people feel better is okay.”  I was struck by the insecurity and disappointment of such false hopes.  To try to hope because one must believe something  is like walking out over a gorge on an illusion of a bridge.  Hope must have a basis […]

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80,000 to 1

This is the 50 meter outdoor public pool that the kids and I have gone swimming at about twice a week since we´ve lived in Tienmu.  It is about a 10 minute walk to get there.  Are you seeing a pattern here?  It is next to the park where to section of walking path closest […]

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