Population in Pharaoh’s Jail Rises Dramatically

reported by BNP via the Genesis Review

An unprecedented influx of prisoners in the King’s Jail has authorities scrambling. The sharp rise in offenses and guilty pleas has lead to the jail being filled nearly to capacity.  The crime wave is showing no signs of abating, as lower wage earners and low level government workers seem to be lining up to break the law.  None of them seems distressed about being taken to a prison cell.

Joseph's occupation before he was thrown in prison

Joseph’s occupation before he was thrown in prison

In an effort to monitor what is going on, the chief jailer has been even more diligent about intercepting mail to and from prisoners. He refused to comment on his findings, but anonymous sources say that prisoners are writing to friends and family about the great experience in the jail.  The food is described as tasty and regular; the guards are more like companion-caretakers.  The sanitation within the prison is confusingly clean, as the lead supervisor has banned things such as dung beetle rituals.

Joseph's job in prison has similar management responsibilities

Joseph’s job in prison has similar management responsibilities

Many of the prisoners are repeat offenders, displaying a knack for committing crimes that require incarceration, but are not punishable by dismemberment or death.  If one listens carefully to the conversations on the street among ex-convicts, the name “Joseph” comes up regularly.  This Joseph apparently never comes out, but many people want to go in and see him for things like getting their futures foretold and dreams interpreted.  Since there are no visitors allowed, the only way to do this is to get arrested.  There are only a couple of verifiable incidents of Joseph actually explaining someone’s dream to them, and it wasn’t always with a positive outcome.

Joseph known for interpreting dreams

Joseph known for interpreting dreams

Joseph is serving a sentence of undetermined length.  His former employer’s wife accused him of rape, but those who know Joseph say it is highly unlikely that he is guilty.  Everyone trusts him.  So for now, it remains a mystery why someone like Joseph should be jailed.  Even though it is typical for those of opposing political views to be locked up, no one even knows Joseph’s political stance.  Accounts of his organizational and management skills abound, so it seems to be another case of government blunder and using political power for personal vindictiveness.

(for further information see Genesis 39-40)

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