Realizing Your Love

You brought me to this certainty,

As You knew you would.

Your love gives me security.

You work things for my good.

Your love for me is singular,

Your parable explains,

Your love for each:  peculiar,

Though ninety-nine remain.

The vastness of capacity!

The fatherly desire

For every soul to be set free,

Escaping judgment’s fire.

Your love has made me fervent

For Your presence and Your Word.

I will never be content

Unless I practice what I learn

I beg for Your encouragement,

But wary lest I stray

To seek any vacant event.

Let not emotion cause me sway.

Comfort comes as I release

The trifles that distract

From communion that does please,

And joy results from that.

In love You ask that I rely

Upon Your daily care.

Frail and finite I reply,

Lead me anywhere.

Is there anything about my life

That hinders others’ hearts

From being drawn in belief?

Purge my selfish parts.

Use me as a catalyst,

Spark an ardent flame.

Show me any truth I’ve missed.

Devotion is my aim.

You love enough to guarantee

A place You will prepare

For us in Your eternity

Without an earthly care.

Eager for this one reward:

To see you face to face,

While having this to look toward

I will enjoy this place.

For this is where you have set

Each person, hopefully.

I did repent, You paid my debt.

Magnificence loves me.

written about 10 years ago

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