Shepherds Seen Roaming Streets

Bethlehem – breaking news

Reports are being widely circulated of shepherds prowling the streets of Bethlehem. The consistent explanation given by the shepherds interviewed is that they are searching for “a babe wrapped in swaddling clothes lying in a manger.” The affair seems to be connected with Mary and Joseph, who reported having spoken with angels earlier this year. One angel allegedly showed up in the fields first, giving the now familiar dispatch that a special baby is being born. Part of the news was that he would be a savior. This supports Joseph’s previous testimony that Mary’s baby would save the people from their sins. The shepherds maintain that a multitude of angels appeared to them during the night and sang praises to God. Residents say they are marveling at it all. related news

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  • As a concerned citizen of Bethlehem, I would like to protest against the obvious drug traffic that has begun since strangers began coming into town for the census. Obviously this Joseph is the ringleader, luring people in with tales of his and his wife’s supernatural baby. Why are the authorities doing nothing? I say we take it up with King Herod. He has a clear duty in this matter.

    • Dear Citizen,

      I think you are jumping to conclusions and not fully weighing the facts. I understand your initial concern about these odd occurrences, however, there has not been any violence or irresponsible behavior from those people who are seeing angels. Everyone’s stories are in agreement and everything is happening just as it was predicted by God’s prophets hundreds of years ago.

      The Editor

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