Slew of Legal Holidays Excludes Priests

reported by BNP via Leviticus Today

The Hebrew Nation may become known as the Party Nation. The latest communication via Mr. Hatshepsutson from the High God is a long list of festivals, some of them weekly. Each holiday, whether a day long or 50 days long, involves a lot of public celebration, relief from everyday work, and plenty of good food.

The longer holiday seasons seem to be predominantly split between planting and harvest times, which some farmers are concerned about. The common requirement to only bake “fast” bread should actually make family members more available for the holiday gatherings. For the harvest time, it was pointed out that the farmers are pretty much living out in harvest shelters anyway, so now they’ll just have more company in these booths. The whole party atmosphere should lift the spirits of workers, not to mention they might be more productive with adequate rest days.

The no-work clause apparently does not apply to the priests, as animal sacrifices are specifically part of the celebrations, a constant reminder of the need for the High God’s mercy and grace. Priests have unique responsibilities for all but the Passover sacrifices. However, with the rotating nature of priestly shifts, the same priests should not end up working the same holidays every year.

With all the trumpets and waves of tree branches, children throughout the nation should be enthralled. People may be hard pressed to protect their landscaping when one of the celebrations specifically calls for cutting foliage from beautiful trees. Since no one has permanent residences yet, all future home owners will be able to plan for this from the outset, once Canaan is reached.

chart of Jewish feasts by <a href="" target="_blank">compliments of</a>

chart of Jewish feasts by compliments of

(for further information see Leviticus 23)

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