Trumpet Player Heard on Top of Active Volcano

reported by BNP via the Exodus Examiner

fire and smoke indicate volcanic activity  <a href="" target="_blank">photo from flickr SDASM Archives</a>

fire and smoke indicate volcanic activity photo from flickr SDASM Archives

Mount Sinai, a solitary mountain in the Sinai Wilderness, has become the stage for an unknown trumpet player. The player is as yet unidentified due to the fire and smoke all over the mountain, where the daring musician has chosen to perform. He or she seems to have an extraordinary sound system, as the trumpet playing can easily be heard over the din of the volcanic activity.

The mountain was thought to be a dormant volcano until very recently.  By strange coincidence, it became active as soon as the newly nomadic Hebrew nation camped near it.  The Hebrews don’t seem to be considering emergency relocation.  In fact, they have been seen regularly gathering around the base of the quaking mountain.

no one could see the trumpet player due to the fire and smoke

no one could see the trumpet player due to the fire and smoke

At first it was thought that the Hebrews were following common accepted practice of placing a human in the open pit of the volcano to plug it up.  However, the man they sent to the rim of the caldron has gone up and down more than once, even as volatility has increased.  Observers say he goes up when the trumpet starts playing louder, but does not show any concern about his fate.  His connection with the trumpet player is still being determined.

(for further information see Exodus 19)

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