What Defines A Man?

Jesus Christ’s love for us is compared to a husband’s love for his wife.  I have the kind of husband that helps me to understand the depth of such love.  He encourages me in life without being demanding or belittling of my weakness.  He appreciates my good characteristics, but is patient with my faults.  He is gentle in his power as it applies to me, but firm in his defense of me.  I am never in doubt of his commitment and devotion to me.  So, a while ago, I had to write a poem attempting to express this.

Knowing You

As a child I waited with impatient confidence

To meet the heart prepared to love and give me evidence

Of commitment to preserve and nurture chosen bond

Deliberate in each circumstance to wisely see beyond

The present human trouble, to act on promises

Strengthening the covenant to knit my soul to his.

Our reality fulfills that which the little girl did dream

With more than what the vision held, life with you would seem

To defy the worldly tendencies of battles and dismay.

Two who live as one in Christ, trying to obey

Principles revealed in love, convinced witnesses.

You love me as He bids you to, I reap happiness.

Through your daily constancy, gentle and profound,

Knowing you reveals to me a mystery can be found.

Once it was a blurry truth, somewhat academic,

Now it lifts my view, His Word again has proved dynamic.

Your love has made me lovely, uncertainties subdued,

I find that I am beautiful from living knowing you.

by Laura Blodgett

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